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Special conversation

Their thoughts on the development of “ViXion 01”

Technology x Design
for Social Innovation

Oki Sato × Akihiro Ito × Hideto Fujino × Seiichiro Nambu

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with ViXion's Eyewear



Bring out and regain what you can see.
Adjust focus automatically
auto focus eyewear

ViXion01 is eyewear that helps resolve vision problems caused by overuse of the eyes and aging.
The shape of the lens changes instantly depending on the viewing distance, providing Seamless Focus, Near and Far..

In the "Trend Tamago" corner of the TV Tokyo series "World Business Satellite" program, we received the Toretama 2022 Annual Grand Prize out of approximately 80 nominations.

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For those who have trouble seeing in the dark
brighter vision

"HOYA MW10 HiKARI" is a uniquely developed low-light, high-sensitivity compact camera that amplifies the slightest amount of light and can take photos in natural colors, and is installed within the head mount.
This is a scotopic vision support device that reproduces bright colors even in the dark by processing the image on a computer and projecting it onto a display in front of your eyes.

*This is different from a monotone night vision camera that uses infrared reflection.
*HOYA MW10 HiKARI is effective for people with central vision and night blindness (can see in bright places but has trouble in dark places).